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The Pottery Studio

Welcome to My Poetry Page

The Title of this page is pure deceit!!

I didn't think you would come here if I told you it was poetry!!

STOP and smell the roses occasionally!

Storms of Life

Sun peeking bravely, from a smoky, dingy sky,
Storm clouds tumbling, like demons in a dance,
Swirling, dashing, pirouetting to a drum I cannot hear,
Thunder rolls, storm is nigh, I shall savor its ferocity.

Rushing, roaring, swollen sky, full of black and gray,
Raw lightning slashing down, among denuded trees,
Cold rain sending shivers, through the boughs of evergreens,
Golden days are gone, time marches on.

Stark barren branches, devoid of summer leaves,
Ice skimming puddles, left from day's end rain,
Dried leaves, crisp with frost, crackling underfoot,
Oh, where has my summer gone, away, away.

Wind screaming down the mountain, to the valley far below,
Driving rain before tormented clouds,
Snow flakes intermingle with the pounding of the rain,
Storms of life are different every one.

We never know what cometh when storm clouds gather near,
Perhaps sometimes its well just not to know,
But we will face the wrath of furies directed in our path,
and know that we are strong and shall go on.

Leo Lawton


Skies are dark, clouds are roiling,
changing shapes, ever boiling,
beauteous, as they may be,
Winter's coming, onto me.

Trees are barren, leaves are gone,
flown away, across my lawn,
Fall colors scattered, in the wind,
or in a scrapbook, safely pinned.

Dawn to dusk, closer each day,
long days of Summer, gone away,
wind is shrieking, past my door,
colder, colder, evermore.

Geese have left, from yonder lake,
nesting grounds, they forsake,
steam arises, with each breath,
frozen streams, still as death.

Snow flutters down, on little wings,
covering up, all pretty things,
rosebuds wait, until the Spring,
sleeping, sleeping, everything.

Leo Lawton


I feel a shadow overcoming me,
death creeps up and knocks upon my door,
fear peeps in a bit around the corner,
as consternation walks across my floor.

I somehow, sense the end is nearing,
nothing is just as it used to be,
I have this nagging thought of darkness,
a feeling of complete futility.

No matter what I try to do to change it,
nothing really matters anymore,
I know somehow my days are short in number,
until they finally total up the score.

Immortality is what we really strive for,
we all want to go on with life somehow,
it doesn't seem like mine should quite be over,
but I feel death descending on me now.

I really doubt that very few will mourn me,
I found it difficult to make new friends,
to those who feel that once I may have wronged them,
I offer now to make final amends.

Now that the battle's pretty nearly over,
The storm is slowly turning into calm,
To those who shall weep upon my passing,
I offer you the Twenty Third Psalm.

Leo Lawton


When first I saw you,
I thought of rosebuds,
in the early morning dew.

So tender and fragile,
like the flowing beauty,
of a golden morning sunrise.

You were so much like,
the delicate gossamer wings,
of the multicolored butterflies.

You made me think of rainbows,
where pastels merged into eternity,
and there was beauty in my mind

All things change,
but, I loved you then,
And I love you now.

Leo Lawton


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