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Job Lawton 1714/15 - 1773

The following document has been transcribed from the original Will of Job Lawton. It was found within the pages ofthe old Family Bible. Although, difficult to decipher in places, the spelling and wording is that of the original document dated 1773.

Large portion missing at the beginning of the will......arrive to the age of Twenty one Years. Then I giveto my Said wife Sarah Lawton the Use and Improvement of the Great Room Stove bedroom, Closet in the Great Room or Great room Closet, a priviledge in the Cellar and Garret of my now Dwelling house, and the improvement of the Gardian now walled in below the well and a priviledge in the Orchard for apples and Syder for her use and one Quarter of an Acre of flax & thirty Bushels of Indian Corn Yearly, and the keeping of a Riding beast one Cow ten Sheep and Two Swine upon my now farm Equally between my two Sons Job and George all which bequest and priviledges are to be so long as the she remains my Widow.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Two Sons Job Lawton & George Lawton all my Housing and Lands in Portsmouth aforesaid to them their Heirs and Assigns forever to Come into their Possession when my said Son George Shall arrive to the age of Twenty one Years Old Then to be Equally Divided between them Quantity according to Quality and by them to be possessed and enjoyed and their Heirs and Assigns forever.

Item I also give unto my said Sons Job and George the use and improvement of all my Stock of Creatures and farming Tools from the time that my Son George arrives to the Age of Twenty one Years untill my Son Henry Lawton Shall arrive to the age of Twenty one Years except what my Wife their Mother is to have and then all my said Stock of Creatures and farming Tools to be Equally Divided between my three Sons Job George and Henry and to be enjoyed by them their Heirs and Assigns.

Item I give unto my Son Job my New Desk under the Book Case one good feather bed and furniture and my Gun.

Item Missing Portion of will.....................Spanish Silver Milled Dollars Each to be paid, & received bythem when my Son George Lawton Shall arrive to the age Twenty one years Old but if either of my Said Daughtersshall Marry before that time then she Shall Receive her Portion on her Marriage day.

Item I give unto my Daughter Sarah Fish the Sum of two hundred and Eight Spanish Silver Milled Dollars to bepaid unto her Immediately after my Decease in addition of her portion to what of she hath already received.

Item I give unto my said Wife and Daughter Elisabeth Alice & Ann Two feather Beds Each.

Item I give unto my said Wife the one third part of all the Rest and Remainder of my household goods and theother Two Thirds I give unto my aforesaid four Daughters viz! Elisabeth Sarah Alice and Ann to be equally Divided Between them.

Item I give and Bequeth unto my said Wife one Riding Beast & Riding Chair one Cow ten Sheep & Two swine to be at her choise out of my Stock to be kept as Aforesaid as they keep their Other creatures of the like kind.

Item My mind Futher is and I do Will that my three Daughters viz! Elizabeth Alice and Ann Shall have a living and Priviledge in my now Dwelling house So long as they shall Respectfully live unmarried.

Item My mind and Will further is that if there Should be any money Remaining after all my Debts and Legaices are paid the same Shall go to that Son Job or George that Shall possess and enjoy the Southerly part of my Farm Towards helping of him to build an house.

Item My mind and Will further is That if Either of my Said Son's Job or George.....Large portion of page missing.missing text..... Henry Lawton Shall Decease..........missing Text..........George Lawton Shall arrive to the age of Twenty one years and the two Surviveing Brothers Shall have his part or ......missing word........ herein given him so Deceasing to be equally Divided between them and to be possessed and enjoyed by them their Heirs and Assigns.

Item My mind further is and it therefore to be understood that what I have herein before given to my Wife is to be inLieu of her Dower or thirds of my Estate which I Desire her to accept of.

And Lastly I do hereby Nominate Constitute and appoint my said Wife Sarah Lawton to be my whole and Sole Executive of this my Last Will and Testiment to see the Same fulfilled and kept to according to the true intent and meaning there of Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testiment In Testimony whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seal his Twenty Sixth Day of February in the Twelfth Year of the Reign of George the third King of Great Britain Anno Domini One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Two Sign'd Seal'd published pronounced and Declared by the said Job Lawton to be his Last Will & Testament in presence of us
David Fish
Robert Freeborn
Robt Dennis

Be it known to all People by these Presents that I Job Lawton of Portsmouth have made and Declared my Last Will & Testament in Writing bearing Date the Sixth day of February Anno Domini One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Two If the said Job Lawton by this Present Codicil do ratify and confirm my said Last Will and Testament But whereas by reason of great Expence Since the Same was Declared and now am about Building of an house upon the Premises Bequeathed to my Two Sons Job Lawton and George Lawton which will Cost Considerable of Money by which their Portions will be Benefited thereby And I am Somewhat doubtful If I should be taken away in this my Sickness whether I Shall Leave Money Sufficient to pay my Debts and all the Legacies Bequeathed in Said recited Will. Therefore my mind and Will is that my Two Sons Job Lawton and George Lawton ......missing text.....my Son Henry .........missing text........given them as Shall make.........missing text .......what I have given him.........missing text.........Between them If I leave not money enough at my Decease to compleat all said Debts and Legacies. And my mind & Will & meaning is that this Codicil be adjudged to be part and Parcel of my Last Will and Testament and that all things therein mentioned and Contained be faithfully and truly performed in every Respect as if the Same was so declared and set down in my Said Last Will and Testament. Witness my hand and Seal this tenth Day of April One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy three

Signed in the presence of us
David Fish
Robt Dennis

Rhode Island to Wit

David Fish Robert Freeborn and Robert Dennis the Witnesses Subscribed to the within written Will appeared in Council and on their Solemn Affirmations Doth Declare that they saw Job Lawton the Testator Sign and Seal the within written Will and heard him Declare the Same to be his Last Will and Testament and that he was then of a Sound Disposeing mind and Memory to the best of their understandings and that they Set to their Hands as witnesses at the Same Time in the Presence of the Testator and each other by the Testators Request ______ And also David Fish and Robert Dennis the former witnesses and witnesses above Subcriped to the annexed Codicil Did also at the Same Time Declare upon their Solemn Affirmations that they Saw the above Subscriber Job Lawton Sign & Seal and Declare the said Codicil to be apart and Parcel of his Last Will & Testament and That he was then of a sound Disposing mind & Memory to the best of their understanding and that they set to their Hand as witnesses at the Same time in the presence of each other.

Taken in Presence of Portsmouth Town Council June the 2nd 1773 Wm Anthony Parefith
approved of & Proved before Rhode Island Portsmouth June the 2nd A.D. 1773 _______
Recorded in Council Book of Records No. 6 and on page 209 in the 2nd part

Witness Robt Dennis Council & Clergy.


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